# Terms & Conditions

# Usage and Redistribution:

The software is for the end user's use and should not be resold, repackaged, or redistributed.

The user must not redistribute the activation key/license key/serial key to others; these keys can only be purchased from Arya Pariksha.

# Purchase and Licensing:

By purchasing the software, the user agrees to the terms and conditions, including the refund policy.

The user is considered satisfied with the trial version upon purchasing the full version.

An activation period is provided during which the software can be used. Licenses are provided for this period.

The user must pay again to renew the license after the activation period expires.

Once the license period ends, support and warranty do not apply.

# Activation Key and Operating System:

An activation key is provided for a specific machine and the current Windows operating system version.

Reinstalling the same version of Windows does not invalidate the activation key.

Changing hardware or operating system version terminates the license.

# Data Corruption and Use of Software:

No warranty applies if the software is uninstalled accidentally, due to malware, antivirus, or system crashes.

Users are responsible for maintaining the software's files and folders to prevent data corruption or deletion.

Users must not use software components for other purposes (e.g., copying paragraphs, exercises, pictures, notes).

# Activation Key Limitation:

Each activation key is provided for a unique product ID on the user's machine.

Only one activation key is provided per product ID, and no more will be given by Arya Pariksha.

There is no guarantee if the user loses the activation key or if the software reverts to the trial version due to various reasons.

# Arya Exam and Authorization:

Arya exam content is based on previous years' typing tests.

Arya Pariksha does not claim to be authorized by any recruitment organizing department, organization, commission, etc.

# Contact Information and Account Approval:

The software may collect user information like name, email, mobile number, etc., and payment details.

Uploading payment screenshots is required for account approval.