Winner and Cancellation Policy

We proudly present one of the most exceptional applications, showcasing its full array of features and advantages. Once the winner is determined, the user will be invited to undertake a typing test in either Hindi or English. Based on the test results, if the cumulative errors amount to less than 8 and the typing speed surpasses 30 WPM, the outcome will designate the participant as the victor.

The student securing the first position will be bestowed with a prize of Rs 50. The runner-up, in second place, will be entitled to a reward of Rs 25. The student achieving the third position will be granted a prize of Rs 15. Similarly, a student attaining the fourth rank will receive Rs 5, while a student in the fifth position will be awarded Rs 2.

The cumulative prize amount along with the remaining balance will be comprehensively exhibited. Participants will have a 24-hour window to effect updates to their provided information. Kindly furnish the subsequent details for the facilitation of award disbursement:

Participant's Bank Details

  • Account Holder's Name: [Your Name]
  • Bank Name: [Bank Name]
  • Account Number: [Account Number]
  • IFSC Code: [IFSC Code]

Should there be an anomaly in the consumer's account details, leading to an unsuccessful money transfer, the participant will be automatically disqualified from the Arya exam without an alternate opportunity.